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Various Benefits of Egg Yolks and Healthy Tips to Eat them

There are many health benefits of egg yolk. These various benefits are due to the nutritional content in them. Even so, egg yolks are often considered a cause of high cholesterol, so it should not be consumed excessively. There are various reasons why not a few people like to eat eggs, ranging from abundant nutritional content, cheap prices, to easily processed into a variety of delicious dishes. In an egg, contained 70-75 calories. About 15 calories come from egg whites, and the rest (55 calories) from egg yolks. In addition, egg yolks contain about 185 mg of cholesterol and 4.5 mg of fat. This is what makes egg yolks feared and avoided by many people. Benefits of Egg Yolk Although it contains a lot of cholesterol and calories, egg yolk actually has health benefits. Some of the benefits of egg yolks are: 1. Good for bones and teeth Egg yolk is one of the natural sources of vitamin D which is good for healthy bones, teeth and muscles, and helps absorption of calcium. The conten
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Causes of Slimy Defecation and Treatment

Slime defecation is not a case to worry about if the amount of mucus is not large or not accompanied by other complaints. However, if the amount of mucus during bowel movements increases or there is blood present, then you may experience indigestion. A healthy body on average can produce 1-1.5 liters of mucus every day. This mucus can be found in various parts of the body, such as the lining of the nose, throat, eyes, ears, mouth, to the intestines. Under normal circumstances, small amount of mucus when defecating, clear or slightly yellowish in color, and often you do not realize it because mucus in the digestive tract is normal. The function of mucus in the body There are many functions of mucus in our body, including: Protect and lubricate the tissues and organs of the body. Capture and remove bacteria, viruses, and fungi that cause disease from the body. Protect the digestive tract from stomach acids and other harmful fluids. Helps food and feces to get through the intest

Headaches After Sports, Find Out The Cause Here

After or while exercising, the body should feel fresh. But why do you sometimes feel a headache after doing certain sports? Headaches after exercise can be experienced by anyone for various reasons. Even so, there are people in certain conditions who are more at risk of experiencing it. Come on, recognize why you know how to deal with and prevent this headache! Two Types of Headaches after Sports Health experts classify headaches after or during exercise based on the cause into two types, namely: Primary headache These headaches can occur when someone is exercising or having heavy physical activity. When exercising, the head muscles, scalp, and neck need more blood. This need is thought to make the blood vessels work extra so that it causes headaches. Primary headaches are most often experienced by those who exercise with high intensity and have a history of migraines. Secondary headache Headaches during exercise can be caused by serious health problems, such as brain tumor